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ColorMunki Photo is a spectrophotometer — a combined-purpose device that allows you to perform three separate kinds of operations that usually require three different instruments: 

  • color calibration of LCD displays and projectors;
  • color profiling of RGB/CMYK printers;
  • capture of spot colors in RGB, CMYK and CIELAB format.

The ColorMunki Photo kit also includes a pocket-sized ColorChecker Classic Mini color chart that allows you to create color profiles for your DSLR that match the particular lighting conditions in each photo shoot. So, depending on how you count things, you may say that the ColorMunki Photo actually performs four kinds of operations, including color profiling of digital photo cameras.

 Before you order: BVI Photo Video store does not keep the ColorMunki Photo in stock at all times; however a demo unit is always available and can be provided to you free of charge while the unit you have ordered arrives. In order to place an order for the ColorMunki Photo, you need to contact us via the 'Inquire about product' button.

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ColorMunki Photo is designed to meet the needs of hobbyists and professional photographers that operate full-cycle — from capturing through processing to printing or digiral distribution. The software that comes with the device allows you to match the colors of your DSLR(s), laptop/desktop screen and printer without requiring any special knowledge about color management.

If you are using different kinds of media for your prints, the ColorMunki Photo will help you create color profiles for each of them by using a minimum amount of consumables: only 2 pages with a combined total of 100 color patches is all you are required to print. You can then optimize the results for reproducing particular colors you may require, as well as make fine adjustments for black & white printing, skin tones, etc.

You may want to send your portfolio to a prospective client; the DigitalPouch application which also ships with the ColorMunki Photo will generate a special package that contains your pictures plus a color-managed viewer program that will show to your client the same colors you have achieved during shooting and processing.

If you like a particular spot color from a real-world object or need to use a color specified by a customer without having the actual values, you can use the ColorMunki Photo to capture that color and store its value in L*a*b format for future use. The ColorMunki Photo can scan spot colors off essentially all types of non-transmissive surfaces, including ceramics, textile and metal.

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Like other X-Rite color management tools, the ColorMunki Photo ships with an easy to use, wizard based calibration & profiling software. The software has Basic and Advanced  modes; the main difference being that the Advanced mode will allow you to manually select brightness and contrast levels, white balance point and gamma, whereas Basic mode will determine these settings automatically for you.

Comparison between X-Rite display calibration tools
 ColorMunki SmileColorMunki DisplayColorMunki Photo i1Display Pro
Device Type

color meter
CM Smile

color meter
CM Display

CM Photo

color meter

Software type and control modesWizard onlySimple / AdvancedSimple / AdvancedSimple /Advanced
Display Calibration
Projector Calibration
Color Reproduction Evenness Check

Display QA

Printer Calibration

Measurement of Ambient Light Levels

Auto Adjustment based on Ambient Light Level
Calibration as per Broadcast TV standards   
Digital Camera Profiling   
ColorChecker Mini Test Chart

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