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i1Publish Pro 2 by X-Rite is a top-class professional spectrophotometer that can perform the following kinds of operations:

  • color profiling of computer displays and projectors;
  • color profiling of RGB, CMYK and CMYK+ printers;
  • on-screen print checks (soft proofing);
  • spot color management;
  • monitor QA;
  • print QA.

The i1Photo Pro 2 is targeted towards professional photographers, graphics designers, design bureaus, advertisement agencies and other users who regularly take photographs, process them and print the results on professional/industrial printers and presses that accept graphics data in CMYK format, operate via RIP and use 4 or more inks (so called CMYK+ printers).

If you are a graphics professional but do not require camera calibration, have a look at the i1Basic Pro 2 instead (see below).

If you are shooting and editing photos and then print them on an RGB printer, check out the i1Photo Pro 2 (see below).

The i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer has extended spectral range (380÷730 nm) with improved resolution (10-nm steps). It operates at a speed of 200 samples per second. Unlike the previous UV/non-UV versions, the i1Pro 2 sensor has a built-in switchable UV filter. These improvements allow measurement at three kinds of standard viewing conditions: ISO 13655 M0: Tungsten; ISO 13655 M1: D50; ISO 13655 M2: UV Cut, as well as application of OBC (Optical Brightener Compensation) when measuring UV-reactive papers.

The i1Publish Pro 2 kit includes: 

  • An i1 Pro professional spectrophotometer;
  • The iProfiler color profile generation software;
  • The spot color management application Pantone® Color Manager;
  • One ColorChecker Mini color chart for camera profiling;
  • One ColorChecker Proof color chart for printer QA
  • The following accessories:
    • Ambient light measurement head;
    • Monitor holder;
    • Scanning ruler;
    • Backup board;
    • Positioning target;
    • Soft-sided storage case.

Comparison between i1Pro 2 kits (Basic / Photo / Publish)

   i1Basic Pro 2  i1Photo Pro 2  i1Publish Pro 2
Profile & calibrate computer displays
Profile & calibrate projectors
Display QA
Profile RGB printers
Profile CMYK printers

Profile CMYK+ printers

Print QA 
PANTONE® Color Management
ColorChecker Classic (Mini) test chart
ColorChecker Proof card

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