OCF (Off Camera Flash) photography is the fancy name of the emerging art of creating beautiful images using one or more portable flashes located off-camera. Perhaps the most popular representatives of this shooting style are the prolific photographer and writer Joe McNally and David Hobby, the author of the popular flash photography blog Strobist who gave OCF practitioners their name.

Conventional photography philosophy sets a clear distinction. If you want to make improvised shots and move a lot between the photos, then you are supposed to put a speedlight on your camera and accept the unnatural way the light coming from the direction of the lens interacts with the objects. Or, if you demand more natural look, you go to the studio and use monobloc lights or break your back carrying generator kits on location.

Strobists take whatever they find convenient – the ability to shoot using off-camera generator lights and the portability of the on-camera flash – and give up what they don't need. Since TTL automation is essentially worthless when using two or more lights, OCF flashes can get rid of the unnecessary electronic components and become lighter, and, more importantly, much cheaper. Strobists' philosophy is simple: The more, the better.

This section of our website contains inexpensive, manually controlled flashes for OCF photography that can be triggered optically by another flash or controlled remotely via radio link. You should also check out the other section called OCF triggers and controllers which contains a selection of remote control devices.

Speedlite YN560 Mark III
YN560-III is the third version of the popular strobist OCF flash Yongnuo YN560. The YN560-III model boasts guide number GN 58 @ 105 mm (meters, ISO 100) and is equally well suited for amateur and professional use. It supports manual flash m..
Speedlite YN660
189.00 лв.
The Yongnuo YN660 is a new, massively reworked and enhanced replacement for the popular strobist OCF flash Yongnuo series YN560. It is a manually adjustable powerful speedlight that can be fired remotely via 2.4 GHz radio trigger or control..
Yongnuo Digital
149.00 лв.
Yongnuo Digital
189.00 лв.
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