DR9664 (Olympus Li40B)
Duracell DR9664 is an OEM replacement for Olympus Li40B/Li42B (3.7V, 700 mAh). This battery model is extremely popular and is used in several dozens of compact camera models from various manufacturers: Olympus (FE series), Nikon (Coolpix se..
DR9668 (Panasonic CGA-S006)
Duracell DR9668 is an OEM replacement for Panasonic CGA-S006E (DMW-BMA7). Guaranteed compatible with the camera and the original charger.The DR9668/CGA-S006E is used by the following families of Panasonic compact cameras:Lumix DMC-FZ50Lumix..
DR9710 (Panasonic CGA-S007)
Duracell DR9710 is an OEM replacement for Panasonic CGA-S007E (3.7V, 950 mAh). Guaranteed compatible with camera and original chargers.The DR9710/CGA-S007E is an extremely popular battery that is used by many Panasonic compact cameras. Here..
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