Datacolor provide two product bundle that offer great value to two separate types of users.

The SpyderX Capture Pro bundle is targeted to the digital photography enthusiast and professional. You can use it to:

  • adjust the auto-focus performance of your DSLR (provided it supports MF adjustment) using the SpyderLensCal focus target
  • determine white balance, exposure and control the contrast in the scene using the 3-dimensional SpyderCube
  • match colors between your camera and computer using the SpyderCheckr target
  • and, of course, to calibrate your display using the top-class SpyderX Elite professional color meter
The SpyderX Studio Pro kit is made for the graphics designer and the pre-press and printing professional. It allows you to:

  • ask your photographer friend to use the perfect tool to determine white balance, exposure and contrast in the scene with the SpyderCube
  • calibrate your displays using the SpyderX Elite color meter and, most importantly
  • to generate ICC RGB profiles for your printers in order to reproduce the vibrant colors captured by the camera and processed on-screen to the printed media
SpyderX Capture Pro
799.00 лв.
The SpyderX Capture Pro (SXCAP100) bundle is now updated to include the new Spyder X Elite color meter. This new bundle is the perfect tool kit for ambitious amateur and professional photographers who perform all shooting and picture proces..
SpyderX Studio
895.00 лв.
The SpyderX Studio (SXSSR100) bundle is an excellent tool kit for photographers and graphics designers who edit and print their own images. It also has its place in every office, ad agency or small printing studio that needs to do color-cri..
799.00 лв.
895.00 лв.
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