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The SpyderX Studio (SXSSR100) bundle is an excellent tool kit for photographers and graphics designers who edit and print their own images. It also has its place in every office, ad agency or small printing studio that needs to do color-critical work.

Display Calibration and QA with Spyder5ELITE

The SpyderX Elite is the most capable monitor calibration tool offered by Datacolor. It has the largest software feature set and provides expert control over the generation of color profiles to those who need it. You can use the Spyder5 Elite not only to calibrate your monitor but to monitor its performance consistency.

Printer Profiling with SpyderPrint

The SpyderPrint spectrophotometer is used to generate precise color profiles for all printers that operate in RGB ICC format. That includes essentially all desktop printers that are connected directly to a personal computer or a local network, regardless of how many inks they use.

Precise Contrast Control with SpyderCUBE

The SpyderCube is arguably the most convenient tool for controlling contrast in the scene. Boosting contrast is one of the easiest method to give your photos that extra punch, and the SpyderCube makes it even easier. Although the Spyder5 Studio bundle is geared towards image processing and printing, the SpyderCube can improve the perception of your photos so substantially that it has earned its place in this kit.

What You Get

The SpyderX Studio bundle includes the following products and accessories:

  • SpyderX ELITE display calibrator
  • SpyderPRINT spectrophotometer
  • SpyderCUBE 3D photo target
  • Software license, installation key and quick start guide
  • Tailor-made aluminum padded carry case that keeps all of the above safe

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