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SpyderCUBE is a unique tool that allows you to accelerate RAW photo processing and improve the look of your pictures by providing you with references to set white balance, exposure, black level and maximum brightness.

Unlike traditional white/mid-gray/black reference charts which are always flat, the SpyderCUBE is 3-dimensional and interacts with the light the same way the objects you shoot do. The identical white and gray surfaces on both sides allows you to control the contrast between your lights when you shoot with multiple light sources.

The highly reflective metal sphere on top of the SpyderCUBE helps you evaluate how reflective surfaces will interact with your lights. The black trap in bottom surface helps you distinguish between black with details and pure black, for achieving optimum contrast while retaining detail in the dark areas of your photos.

The SpyderCUBE can be mounted on standard 1/4" thread (the same thread present on the belly of your DSLR) or suspended from the elastic loop on its top. You only need to take one photo with the SpyderCUBE under the same light conditions and then replicate all adjustments you perform on that shot onto your other photos.

The SpyderCUBE is made of durable and fade-proof resin called ABS Cycoloy. Its colors are scientifically formulated and spectrally neutral which helps you achieve accurate color balance under any kind of light.

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