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The SpyderX Capture Pro (SXCAP100) bundle is now updated to include the new Spyder X Elite color meter. This new bundle is the perfect tool kit for ambitious amateur and professional photographers who perform all shooting and picture processing on their own and relegate printing duties to third parties. If you are among them, the Spyder5Capture Pro will give you all the tools you need to control your camera AF, contrast and color reproduction.

AF Calibration with SpyderLENSCAL

This foldable AF target will help you quickly and easily fix auto-focusing inaccuracy caused by your DSLR and lenses. If your camera supports AF micro adjustment (most modern ones do), you will be able to use the SpyderLensCal to match the AF performance of each lens and your camera in order to achieve that razor sharp focus you've always wanted.

Color Reproduction Control with SpyderCHECKR

The SpyderCheckr includes a set of 48 specially selected color patches plus a 10-segment neutral grey gradient chart and a large white balance card on the back. It will help you to determine the correct exposure and white balance during every photo shoot and to create an accurate color profile for your camera and avoid any metameric errors during processing.

The free software that comes with the SpyderCheckr is compatible with Adobe Photoshop®, Adobe Lightroom® and Hasselblad Phocus® and will allow you to apply the color correction directly from within the photo processing software during editing.

Precise Contrast Control with SpyderCUBE

The SpyderCube is arguably the most convenient tool for controlling contrast in the scene. The three surfaces (white, mid-grey and black) plus the black trap on the bottom will allow you to adjust lighting in such a way so as to preserve detail in both the darkest and lightest areas of your picture. Boosting contrast is one of the easiest method to give your photos that extra punch, and the SpyderCube makes it even easier.

Display Calibration and QA with Spyder5ELITE

The SpyderX Elite is the most capable monitor calibration tool offered by Datacolor. It has the largest software feature set and provides expert control over the generation of color profiles to those who need it. You can use the Spyder5 Elite not only to calibrate your monitor but to monitor its performance consistency.

What You Get

The Spyder5Capture Pro bundle includes the following products and accessories:

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