The SpyderX (Pro and Elite) by Datacolor (summer 2019) are a radical departure from the technology used in all preceding generations of screen calibrators offered by this manufacturer.

Unlike the Spyder 1 thru Spyder 5 — which use a 7-component color filter and a honeycomb matrix before it — both SpyderX models use for the first time a lens that projects the light from the analyzed screen surface onto the device sensor. This is the same principle that has been used by the medium and high class color calibrators manufactured by the main competitor of Datacolor: the X-Rite ColorMunki Display and i1Display Pro.

This solutions brings higher measurement precision, less influence from the environment, and most importantly: much faster sampling. The Spyder X units can complete a full screen calibration in under 2 minutes, which is the absolute record. Such celerity allows you to start every work day with a freshly calibrated display, should you chose to!

Also unlike previous series, the Spyder X range now includes two models only. The SpyderX Pro is intended for use at home or the office for photographic and designer work. The Spyder X Elite comes with a full range of additional features that are required for professional printing, television and movie work.

SpyderX Pro
349.00 лв.
The SpyderX Pro is intended for the enthusiast photographers, expert graphics designers and other imaging professionals  who require a level of control over the calibration process. Thanks to its new imaging sensor, the unit can perfor..
SpyderX Elite
499.00 лв.
SpyderX ELITE is the new (summer 2019) top-grade display calibrator offered by Datacolor. It is designed to meet the needs of all imaging professionals and organizations that operate a multitude of color-matched displays and periodically in..
SpyderX Capture Pro
799.00 лв.
The SpyderX Capture Pro (SXCAP100) bundle is now updated to include the new Spyder X Elite color meter. This new bundle is the perfect tool kit for ambitious amateur and professional photographers who perform all shooting and picture proces..
SpyderX Studio
895.00 лв.
The SpyderX Studio (SXSSR100) bundle is an excellent tool kit for photographers and graphics designers who edit and print their own images. It also has its place in every office, ad agency or small printing studio that needs to do color-cri..
349.00 лв.
499.00 лв.
799.00 лв.
895.00 лв.
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SpyderX Pro vs SpyderX Elite: Feature Comparison
 SpyderX ProSpyderX Elite
Single Click & Wizard Calibration Capability✔️✔️
Multiple Monitor Support✔️✔️
Ambient Light Monitoring & Profile Switching✔️✔️
Before and After Calibration Review✔️✔️
Display Mapping & Analysis ToolsBasicAdvanced
Calibration Setting Choices12unlimited
Expert Console Calibration-✔️
Video & Cinema Calibration Targets-✔️
Soft Proof of Print Results-✔️
Projector Calibration-✔️
Display Matching in Studio-✔️
Visual Fine Tuning for Side-by-side Display Match-✔️


 Unlike with previous version of this product, Datacolor does not plan to offer an upgrade path from SpyderX Pro to SpyderX Elite. Users need to choose the device that will cover their needs to the fullest upon initial purchase.


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