The programmable chargers sold under the brand names of Techno Line (Germany) and LaCrosse (France) are OEM products manufactured in China upon request from various wholesalers. An identical device can be found under yet other brands such as Voltcraft (an in-house brand of Conrad Electronik Germany), AccuPower (Austria), Japcell (Denmark) and so on. We offer exactly these two brands for two specific reasons: (1) The end-user price for the TechnoLine model is the best, and (2) The LaCrosse model has a slightly newer modification microcontroller chip.

What are the differences, if any? According to the French manufacturer, when charging a large capacity battery (>2500 mAh) with 200 mA current, the LaCrosse RS-720 will be able to terminate the charge at a more precise moment than the Techno Line BC700 (which will tend to overcharge the battery). However, this is an edge case that does not make too much sense in the real world. The idea to charge a large capacity battery so slowly is similar to buying a car with a 6-speed gearbox and never go above 3rd gear, in order to "protect the engine and the body". It sounds nice in theory but nobody does it in practice.

Tec BC-700
69.00 лв.
TechnoLine BC-700 is a compact programmable battery charger and analyzer that is identical to the LaCrosse RS-700. The TechnoLine BC-700 can charge or discharge size AA/AAA NiMH and NiCd batteries with user-selected current rate. It ca..
Lac RS720
79.00 лв.
LaCrosse RS720 is a refreshed version of the massively popular LaCrosse RS-700. The newer RS720 model uses an updated LX microprocessor that reportedly performs more precise charge management.The RS720 can charge and discharge size AA/AAA N..
Techno Line
69.00 лв.
La Crosse Technology
79.00 лв.
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