Brand: Techno Line
Product Code: BC-700
Warranty: 24 months
Availability: Pre-Order
69.00 лв.

TechnoLine BC-700 is a compact programmable battery charger and analyzer that is identical to the LaCrosse RS-700. The TechnoLine BC-700 can charge or discharge size AA/AAA NiMH and NiCd batteries with user-selected current rate. It can also perform capacity testing and battery refresh (a series of discharge/charge cycles that repeats until there is imporvement in monitored capacity).

The four slots of the TechnoLine BC-700 can be programmed together or individually. The charging current is user-selectable (200/500/700 mA) and so is the discharge current (100/250/350 mA).

BC-700 has an informative LCD display that shows all parameters depending on the selected program on each slot. It reports the real-time values of current and voltage, the cumulative charging capacity and the time passed since the start of the program on each charging slot. The display of the BC-700 can be configured to show different parameters for each charging slot.

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