Brand: La Crosse Technology
Product Code: RS-720
Warranty: 24 months
Availability: Unavailable
79.00 лв.

LaCrosse RS720 is a refreshed version of the massively popular LaCrosse RS-700. The newer RS720 model uses an updated LX microprocessor that reportedly performs more precise charge management.

The RS720 can charge and discharge size AA/AAA NiMH and NiCd batteries with user-selected current rate. It can also perform capacity testing and battery refresh (a series of discharge/charge cycles that repeats up to 5 times while there is imporvement in monitored capacity after each cycle).

The four slots of the LaCrosse RS720 can be programmed together or separately. The charging current is user-selectable (200/500/700 mA) and so is the discharge current (100/250/350 mA).

RS720 has a convenient LCD display that shows all parameters depending on the selected program on each slot. It reports real-time current and voltage, cumulative charging capacity and time passed since start of the program. The display of the RS720 can be configured to show different parameters for each charging slot.

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