Brand: Datacolor
Product Code: SXP100
Warranty: 24 months
Availability: Expecting Resupply
349.00 лв.

The SpyderX Pro is intended for the enthusiast photographers, expert graphics designers and other imaging professionals  who require a level of control over the calibration process. Thanks to its new imaging sensor, the unit can perform full calibration in 2 minutes or less — a time-saving feature that allows you to start working with a freshly calibrated display every day, should you choose to do so.

The software which comes with the SpyderX Pro uses the ambient light level sensor on the SpyderX unit to determine the required monitor brightness. It also allows you to deviate from the standard 6500K/2.2 gamma when performing calibration. The "Before and After" feature is personalized and besides the 16 pre-set images it allows you to load any image of your choice when evaluating the color output.

Besides calibration itself, the SpyderX Pro allows users to perform display analysis by measuring important screen parameters such as color/brightness/contrast/gamut/tone response and white point across multiple monitors. 


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 Unlike with previous version of this product, Datacolor does not plan to offer an upgrade path from SpyderX Pro to SpyderX Elite. Users need to choose the device that will cover their needs to the fullest upon initial purchase.


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