Mission and Objectives

BVI Photo Video launched in the summer of 2009 with the ambition to become a preferred supplier of equipment for photography, video and lighting for amateurs and professionals alike, and also to inform, educate and teach its present and prospective customers how to get maximum value from the equipment offered for sale.

Our mission is to make photography and videography ever more accessible to our customers, regardless of whether they are shooting for fun or make they living from it. We aim to extend our product portfolio with affordable and convenient products that will help our customers get top quality at acceptable price.


Our product portfolio includes the products of various reputable manufacturers of photo, video and lighting equipment, such as:

  • On-camera flashes & LED lights, radio controllers & triggers and other accessories by Yongnuo (China)
  • Display, printer and monitor calibration & profiling equipment by X-Rite (USA)
  • Color management tools by Datacolor (USA/Switzerland)
  • White Balance and Camera Profiling targets for digital cameras by QPcard (Sweden)
  • Intelligent chargers and batteries by Maha Power / PowerEx (USA)
  • Multi-channel chargers & charging stations by LaCrosse (France), TechnoLine (Germany) and Tensai (Germany/Japan)
  • Chargers and LSD rechargeable Eneloop batteries by Panasonic (Japan)

Product Quality and Warranty

All products listed on the BVI Photo Video website have been chosen and tested by our team to make sure they are safe and easy to use. The products have a store warranty against manufacturing defects; the duration of the warranty for each product is indicated on its product page.

We offer a 15-day money back guarantee; please consult our General Terms & Conditions for further information.

Order Processing

We use Speedy/DPD for order delivery. Orders submitted by 4:30pm on a business day are shipped the same day and tracking information is emailed to the customer. Delivery takes 1 or 2 business days (for Bulgaria) or 2-5 days (for other countries). Please consult Shipping & Delivery for complete details.