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QPcard 203 Book is a precise photographic reference chart that will help you perform three important functions:

  • control the in-camera color reproduction
  • perform white balance calibration
  • determine correct exposure

The two components of the QPcard 203 (the color chart and the 18% neutral gray card) are bound together in a pocketable body with hard covers that can be used both in the studio and on location.

The QPcard 203 Book requires a DSLR or a compact camera that can shoot RAW format. You can use it to adjust the color reproduction of the camera in almost all lighting conditions and to match the colors between two or more cameras regardless of their make and model.

QPcard 203 Book works along with the freely available QPcalibration software which has Windows and Mac OS versions. The user interface has been translated into Bulgarian especially for the clients of BVI Photo Video. The photographer needs to take a properly exposed picture of the QPcard 203 and load it into QPcalibration. The software then analyzes the 35 color patches and generates a camera correction profile in .dcp or .icc format. The profile is stored in the Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) camera profiles folder from where the photographer can access it and apply it on the photos that are being processed.

A big advantage of QPcalibration is that supports .CR2 (Canon) and .NEF (Nikon) formats along with the universal .DNG (Adobe Digital Negative). Even if your camera is not supported directly, you can use the freely available Adobe DNG converter (download link) to turn it into the required format.

The QPcard 203 is primarily used for location work and has relatively compact size (95×135 mm, 5 mm thickness). The reference patches are printed on specially selected paper that does not contain whitening agents. The 35 colors are specifically selected to be similar to tones found in nature. The pigment inks used have flat spectral response so that the chart can be used under various lighting conditions without exhibiting metamerism. The color patches are fade-resistant and according to manufacturing data, their stability is at least 6 years in normal use and storage conditions.

The QPcard 203 Book is an extremely useful tool for every photographer who looks to achieve the maximum color quality and fidelity. It does everything that you can achieve with the SpyderCheckr™ or ColorChecker® Passport at a fraction of their cost.

You may download the QPcalibration software (with English and Bulgarian user interface) from here:

You are also welcome to download a free QPcard 202/203 User Guide (in Bulgarian) in PDF format.

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