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The YN622 II kit includes two flash trigger transceivers that are compatible with the Canon ETTL system and allow you to move your flash off-camera while preserving full communication with the camera body and retaining auto exposure capabilities.

The YN622 II triggers perform in two distinctly different modes depending on whether you are using them with one or more than one ETTL speedlite.

1. YN622 II and a single off-camera flash

When you are using the YN622 II kit with a single flash, they will perform like an invisible bridge between the camera and the speedlite. You will be able to separate them at a distance of up to 100 meters and still they will perform the same way as if the flash is mounted on the camera. All TTL functions, including HSS, will be available to you and you will be able to control the speedlite from your camera menu.

An extension of the above case is when you are using the YN622 II to fire a studio flash (monobloc). Usually this kind of strobes emit relatively long light pulses — especially the cheapest ones — operate between 1/200s and 1/500s regardless of the selected power level. Since the YN622 II is being recognized as an original Canon speedlite, the camera will allow you to select any time value in Tv and M mode, and you will likely be able to shoot at speeds of 1/500s to 1/2000s (but your mileage may vary).

2. Shooting with more than one speedlite

When you have two or more ETTL speedlites available, things get even better. The original Canon optical flash control system allows flashes to be assigned to one of 3 groups (A, B and C), and gives you control over the power or contrast between each groups. The YN622C II captures the commands from the camera and relays them over radio instead, thus greatly improving stability and range.

The YN622C Mark II compared with the first version

Compared to the initial series of YN622 triggers that were sold until 2014, the Mark II brings several important improvements:

  • compatibility with the YN560-TX OCF triggering system has been added — the YN622C II can be made to fire on the command of a YN560-TX controller, or an RF-603/603-II/605 transmitter.
  • a USB port for firmware updates has been added
  • the camera mount mechanism is much improved — the old screw mount has given way to a twist&lock mechanism with a rubber protector that provides dust and splash resistance to the camera hot shoe

 Good to know:

Although YN 622 II will work splendidly as a triggering transmitter when shooting with more than one speedlite, Yongnuo offer a special controller YN622C-TX which makes group control so much easier by putting all settings on a large LCD display.

The Yongnuo YN622 system is very well-thought and will not leave you with unused equipment when you decide to expand.

Most users start with a single TTL flash and a pair of YN622 II. When buying another TTL flash later on, you could get a YN622C-TX transmitter along with it: it will take over commander functions, while the YN622 II transceivers will be coupled with both flashes.

For each additional speedlite after the second one you can buy an extra YN622 II receiver.  If the speedlite happens to be a Yongnuo YN685EX, then buying a receiver is not necessary, as the 658EX has one built-in.

Specs Lighting
Power 2×AA/R6 (alkaline, NiMH)
Warranty 24 months

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