The purpose of this document is to inform you about the types of personal data collected and processed by the store platform. Your continued use of the website for the purpose of creating a user profile and/or placing order(s) is considered acceptance of our privacy policy.

The BVI Photo Video webstore is owned and maintained by Business Ventures International LLC (henceforth referred to as BVI Ltd. for brevity). BVI Ltd. is incorporated in accordance with Bulgarian law under company ID no. 200315119 and based at No. 33 Evlogi Georgiev Blvd., 1142 Sofia, Bulgaria. The company is a registered operator of personal data in accordance with the Bulgarian Personal Data Protection Act (license no. 248617, issued on 14. September 2009).

Upon creating a user profile and/or placing an order using the webstore platform, the user needs to provide the following information: full name, delivery address, phone no. and email address. Insofar as the delivery service we use allows collection of orders from their offices, a delivery address is not required for successful submission of order unless the user chooses delivery to their doorstep. In case you do not want to share your address with us, please enter three or more 'x' symbols on the Address line on the checkout page and proceed to select 'Pickup from courier office' (Note: this is valid only for deliveries in Bulgaria. For the time being, only door to door delivery is possible for other countries and a valid street address is required).

BVI Ltd. is making all reasonable efforts to protect the collected personal data against theft and unauthorized use. The information collected during creation of user profiles and ordering (names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses) is used only for purposes known to the users such as profile management and delivery of goods, and is never shared with third parties with the exception of the courier service which fulfills deliveries on behalf of the webstore.

The information about each order, which includes the name and delivery details of the customer, as well as the list of ordered goods, is stored in the webstore database indefinitely. A subset of this information (customer name and list of ordered goods) is stored in a separate sales journal which is not accessible over the internet and is available only to authorized company personnel.

If you do not wish such information about your orders to be kept by us, you may contact us and request deletion from the website database and the sales journal. We will oblige with your request but in such case all remaining warranty on goods delivered by us will become null and void as we will no longer be able to check your data against our sales journal in case of a warranty issue.

In order for us to delete your data you need to write us from the same email address associated with your user profile or, in case you have placed orders as a guest visitor, from the same email address you have used to make at least one order in the past. We will delete your data within 1 business day from receiving a valid request.

Limited liability towards third parties: using certain payment methods (e.g. PayPal or requires that you enter confidential information such as username, password, address and credit/debit card number). Such information is stored and processed by the payment operator and is not available to BVI Ltd. You should consult the privacy policy of the payment operator for more details.

Notification as per EU directive 2009/136/EC (EU Cookie Law): In order to operate properly and improve customer service, the webstore platform uses the so-called 'cookies' — small text files that contain fragments of information about the site visitor. These can be divided into two groups: cookies generated by the webstore platform itself (1) and cookies generated by third-party services used by the webstore platform (2).

(1) Cookies generated by the webstore platform

These cookies serve to identify logged users and to store temporarily information such as cart contents until an order is finalized. They contain only information that the user has provided voluntarily for the purpose of ordering: name, delivery address, phone number, email address and list of goods and quantities. This information is stored locally on the user's computer and is not made available to BVI Ltd. until a purchase order is successfully submitted.

(2) Cookies generated by third-party services used by the webstore platform

The webstore platform uses several third-party services (TPS) that generate their own cookies that may contain user information. BVI Ltd. does not have access to the contents of these cookies and cannot use the collected information in any personally-identifiable manner. The rules according to which information is collected, stored and processed by each third party are listed in the privacy policy of the company that provides the respective TPS. At present, the webstore platform uses the following TPS:

• Google Analytics and Clicky Analytics — visitor tracking systems that keep an anonymous website usage record (visitor counter, number of pages per visit, average visit duration, incoming link tracking, etc.;

• Google AdWords Tracking & Remarketing and Facebook Tracking Pixel — visitor tracking systems that allow anonymous monitoring of online advertisement efficiency and relevancy that are used to display ads only to visitors that are interested by the products offered by the webstore;

• CloudFlare — a popular Content Delivery Network (CDN) that provides improved security and accelerates the loading of web pages using a network of over 100 high-performance data centers located around the world;

• Zendesk Chat (formerly Zopim) — a popular real-time chat system that allows visitors to contact webstore staff directly.

When visiting the website for the first time, you will receive a cookie usage notification as a colored bar on top of the screen. If you choose to hide this notification, it will not show up again for 30 days.


Date of latest update: November 15, 2016