These General Terms & Conditions govern the relationship between the Seller (Merchant) and the Client (User) of the specialised electronic store BVI Photo Video (the webstore).

Viewing and using this website for placing orders means that you accept and agree to be bound with these General Terms & Conditions, and that you provide the Seller (Merchant) with your consent regarding collection and processing of personal data for the purpose of store operations and for sending messages related to the delivery of goods. The Seller (Merchant) warrants that the personal data you provide will be stored and processed in full compliance with the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and the relevant Bulgarian legislation, and grants you the right to withdraw your consent at any time. Our Privacy Policy contains a complete description of the type of data we collect and process, describes the purposes for which we are using these data, and lists the third parties with which we may share them. The GDPR Compliance Tools panel allows you to request a copy of your personal information, to edit the data we keep on record for you, and to request its deletion from our database.

The legal entity which owns and manages the webstore and with which the Client makes a remote sales contract when ordering goods from the web site is Business Ventures International LLC, company ID no 200315119, VAT ID no BG200315119, located at No. 33 Evlogi i Hristo Georgievi Blvd., 1142 Sofia, BULGARIA, managed by Ivan Arnaudov (email), phone no. (359) 02 955 9616.


1.1. SELLER/MERCHANT: The operator of the website at, also called the webstore.
1.2. CLIENT/USER: Any able person that uses the websites of the webstore in compliance with these General Terms & Conditions.
1.3. STORE/WEBSITE: The platform employed by the webstore for publishing information about the products offered by the Seller.
1.4. PRODUCT/ITEM: Any article described in the webstore and identified with specific parameters such as type, unit price, weight, etc.
1.5. PURCHASE ORDER: Any request made by a user for purchase of one or more items available for sale at the website.
1.6. SALES CONTRACT: The remote sales contract between the seller and the client.
1.7. COURIER: A third party which operates in accordance with the Bulgarian Postal Services Act and other relevant legislation, and is authorised by the seller to perform on his behalf the delivery of the goods to the client and to accept cash payments where such are necessary.


2.1. Browsing the website of the webstore at is free for all users.
2.2. Although the merchant makes best efforts to provide fully accurate and detailed information for the offered products, the sole responsibility for the choice of a particular product lies exclusively with the user. The merchant shall not warrant fitness for any purpose.
2.3. The merchant makes reasonable efforts to maintain the contents of the website current with respect to product descriptions, pricing and availability. Published product photos may differ slightly from the actual products (such as in cases where the package design is changed). Such differences are deemed inessential so long as the client is able to recognize without doubt the product upon delivery.
2.4. The website allows free user registration. Such registration provides users with additional functionality (such as accumulating bonus points when making purchases) and makes their experience more convenience. The merchant retains the right to inform the users about new products and special campaigns. Such information will not be sent more frequently than twice per month.
2.5. The website allows the users to rate the products on a 5-star scale and to leave comments and impression. The merchant retains the right to edit and/or remove untrue or misleading statements, as well as comments that violate good form and are offensive to other users.
2.6. All prices published on the website of BVI Photo Video are final and include 20% value added tax. The cost of delivery depends on the type and quantity of goods ordered and is displayed during checkout. The user shall see all order details (number and type of products ordered, shipping costs) together on a single screen prior to submitting their purchase request. 


3.1. The customers shall understand and agree that by submitting their orders they declare their intention to order the products listed therein, and to pay for them. Upon registering the submission of the order, the store platform sends an email record of its contents. The customer shall understand and agree that this email serves only informational purposes and does not represent a formal acknowledgment of the order. Each and every order is considered formally accepted and confirmed only after BVI Photo Video staff has packed the products; printed a shipping label; and sent the customer a confirmation message with a tracking link.
3.2. The webstore accepts orders solely through the website.
3.3. Each purchase request shall contain:
     3.3.1. A valid electronic mail address (email)
     3.3.2. Contact details - full name and a mobile number (the courier sends important information regarding the time of delivery via SMS or Viber)
     3.3.3. Accurate delivery address and billing address.
3.4. All shipping information needs to be complete and valid.
3.5. A purchase request is considered by the merchant only if the information in Article 3.3 is complete and valid. In case of incompleteness the merchant may request clarification from the user by phone or email. The merchant retains the right to cancel any purchase request in case the user does not provide the required clarification within 1 business day, or the provided clarification is again incomplete, or the user cannot be contacted.
3.6. Although the merchant strives to maintain accurate information about stock levels in the website, in extremely rare circumstances it may be possible a particular item to be unavailable at the time a user submits a purchase request. In such cases the merchant shall immediately notify the customer and offer one or more acceptable alternative solutions. The customer has the right, at their sole discretion, to accept or decline such alternative solutions. Depending on whether the customer accepts or declines an alternative solution, the merchant shall confirm the change in writing or confirm the cancellation of the order by sending an additional message at the same email address from which the purchase request has originated.
3.7. Barring any inaccuracies in the purchase request, the merchant shall prepare each purchase order for dispatch in accordance with its sequential number. As standard, orders are fulfilled as follows:
     3.7.1. Purchase orders that have been submitted before 3:00pm on a business day, are processed and handed over to the courier for delivery within the same business day.
     3.7.2. Purchase orders that have been submitted after 3:00pm on a business day or during a holiday, are processed and handed over to the courier for delivery on the next business day.
3.8. Orders that have been processed are usually filed in the information system of the courier around 6:00pm on the day they have been processed and handed over. When an order is processed by the merchant, the client shall receive an email confirmation with a tracking link where the status of the delivery can be monitored.


4.1. Deliveries are performed by Speedy and Econt in Bulgaria, and by DPD in Greece (via ACS) and Romania (directly) as detailed in Ordering & Delivery.
4.2. On the morning of the day of delivery the courier shall notify the recipient via SMS or Viber about the approximate time of delivery. For orders addressed to the courier's office the message will contain the address of the office, the working time and the tracking number of the shipment.
4.3. If the recipient is unable to accept delivery for objective reasons, the courier will accept a one-time rescheduling of the delivery. In such case the recipient is required to contact the courier at the number in the message and arrange a convenient time for delivery.
4.4. Upon a second failed attempt at delivery the courier is considered to have done their best effort to deliver. Goods are returned to the merchant and the order is cancelled. The merchant reserves the right to decline any and all future orders by the same client.
4.5. All packages are delivered with an active 'check before you accept' option which gives the buyer the opportunity to make sure that the package contents matches what has been ordered before signing for it.


5.1. Clients can pay for the ordered goods using one of the following methods:
     5.1.1. Upon receipt, in cash, at their address or at the courier's pickup office.
     5.1.2. Upon receipt, with a VISA or MasterCard credit or debit card, using a portable POS terminal provided by the courier.
     5.1.3. In advance, via bank transfer.
     5.1.4. In the cases outlined in 5.1.1 and 5.1.2, the courier shall issue a receipt for a postal cash remittance. In accordance with Ordinance H-18 article 3.1 by the National Revenue Agency, this kind of payment does not require issuance of a fiscal note from a cash register and no such note is issued.
5.2. When the customer pays with a credit or debit card, the merchant usually receives confirmation of the payment in real-time and ships the order without delay. When payment by bank transfer is arranged, the merchant shall ship the same business day on which payment has been received by the merchant's bank. The merchant reserves the right to cancel a pending order in case the bank transfer has not been confirmed within 5 business days after placing the order. If for whatever reason bank payment will take more than 5 business days, the customer shall notify the merchant upon placing the order.
5.3. The webstore platform also allows payment using bonus points which are accumulated in the client's profiles when ordering eligible products. The clients needs to log in with a valid user profile to register the bonus points. This profile can be created upon completion of the first purchase. At present, the bonus points system is only configured in registration mode (bonus points for eligible purchases are recorded) but the payment bonus points payment system is not yet active. When this is done, these Terms will be extended accordingly.


6.1. The BVI Photo Video webstore allows customers to buy gift vouchers with a certain value. The gift vouchers contain unique codes that can be used when shopping at the webstore.
6.2. When the client purchases an electronic gift voucher, the voucher code is emailed to a recipient selected by the payer. When the client purchases a paper gift voucher, the voucher code is printed on a card and is shipped to the buyer; it is the duty of the buyer to deliver the paper gift voucher to the intended beneficiary.
6.3. All gift vouchers are valid for a period of 1 year from date of purchase and are non-refundable.


7.1. The client may return purchased goods within 15 days from delivery without providing any reason, under the following conditions:
     7.1.1. The goods have not been used;
     7.1.2. The original manufacturer's packaging has not been opened and its commercial looks have not been damaged.
7.2. Shipping costs, including the costs for return shipping, are non-refundable.
7.3. The client may not withdraw from contract under any circumstances different than these listed in Articles 7.1.
7.4. In order to request a return, the client shall contact the merchant using the contact form and provide the following information: order number, name and contact phone no., then wait for a merchant representative to provide return instructions.
7.5. The client shall arrange the return of the goods within the period mentioned in Article 7.1. In case the goods are not returned within this period, the withdrawal from contract yields no action and is considered null and void.
7.6. The merchant shall restore the cost of the returned goods within 5 business days from receipt. Money is refunded using the same method used by the client for the initial payment.
7.7. The merchant reserves the right to decline any and all future orders by the same client.


8.1. The client has the right to file a complaint with the merchant when the delivery does not match the contracted products. The reasons for filing a complaint may include:
     8.1.1. Goods delivered are partially or fully different than goods ordered;
     8.1.2. Goods are partially missing, unless the merchant has specifically indicated, and the client has agreed, that parts of the order will be shipped separately;
     8.1.3. There are visible manufacturing defects;
     8.1.4. Goods have been damaged in transport.
8.2. The client shall register a complaint with the courier when inspecting the goods at delivery time. At their own discretion, the client may:
     8.2.1. Refuse delivery altogether without owing payment. In this case the order is considered null and void;
     8.2.2. Allow the merchant to remedy the error by repeat delivery and pay only after making sure all reasons for filing a complaint are remedied.
8.3. The client is obliged to make sure that the contents of the delivery match the contents of the order when inspecting the goods at delivery time. After the courier has handed over the goods to the client, the latter may no longer claim partially missing goods or transportation damage. Claims for different goods or for apparent manufacturing defects can be claimed with the merchant for a period of 15 days from receiving the goods.
8.4. Filing complaints after delivery is done using the Claims form and following the instructions provided by the merchant. The merchant shall process any claims within 5 business days from filing.


9.1. The Number One priority of the merchant is to carry out their duties in a manner that is satisfactory to the customer. If a customer believes this priority has been breached, the guaranteed simplest way to address this is by getting in touch with us using any of the contact points listed on the Contact Us page. A link to this page is included in the website footer and is thus reachable from every other page on the website.

9.2. Despite the above, we operate in a country and are a part of a union which considers its citizens to be inept creatures that can't lodge a complaint with the merchant without outside assistance. That is why the State and the European Union oblige us — by means of a special law requirement and under threat of a substantial penalty — to include in our T&S the contact data for the organizations that manage customers' rights, monitor B2C and B2B trade and can be used for alternative dispute resolution. Herewith:

     9.2.1. Personal Data Protection Commission:
                Address: 1592 Sofia, No. 2 Prof Tzvetan Lazarov Blvd.
                phone.: +359 (0) 2 940 20 46, fax : +359 (0)2 940 36 40
                Email: [email protected], [email protected]

     9.2.2. Consumers Protection Commission:
                Address: 1000 Sofia, 4A Slaveikov Square, floors 3, 4 and 6
                phone.: +359 (0)2 980 25 24, fax: +35902 / 988 42 18
                consumer hotline: 0700 111 22

     9.2.3. Competition Protection Commission:
                Address: 1000 София, 18 Vitosha Blvd.
                Phone: +359 (0)2 935 6113, fax: +359 (0) 2 980 7315

     9.2.4. EU Platform for Online Dispute Resolution

These Terms & Conditions have been approved by the manager of BVI Photo Video webstore.

Date of last editing: February 14, 2022 (version 1.6.1)