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i1Basic Pro 3 Plus by X-Rite is a top-class professional spectrophotometer that can perform the following kinds of operations:

  • color profiling of computer displays and projectors;
  • on-screen print checks (soft proofing);
  • spot color management;
  • monitor QA.

The i1Basic Pro 3 Plus operates at the highest precision level yet some extras have been removed from the kit to retain the lowest price level for this class of equipment. This model is targeted towards several specific customer groups — graphics designers, design bureaus, advertisement agencies — that tend to work chiefly on-screen and print only in limited runs whenever they need to co-ordinate with their customers; they outsource photography and large run printing and thus do not need exact camera or printer profiling solutions.

If you are also taking photos and need to print them on a digital printer in RGB format, have a look at the i1Photo Pro 3 Plus instead.

If you are shooting and editing photos and then print them on a high-resolution fine-art printer with 4 or more CMYK inks, check out the i1Publish Pro 3 Plus. 

The i1Basic Pro 3 Plus kit includes: 

  • An i1 Pro 3 professional spectrophotometer;
  • The iProfiler color profile generation software;
  • The spot color management application Pantone® Color Manager;
  • The following accessories:
    • Ambient light measurement head;
    • Monitor holder;
    • XL Scanning ruler;
    • XL Backup board;
    • Positioning target;
    • Soft-sided storage case.

Comparison between i1Pro 3 Plus kits (Basic / Photo / Publish)

  i1Basic Pro 3 Plus i1Photo Pro 3 Plus i1Publish Pro 3 Plus
Profile & calibrate computer displays
Profile & calibrate projectors
Display QA
Profile RGB printers
Profile CMYK printers

Profile CMYK+ printers

Print QA 
PANTONE® Color Management
ColorChecker Classic (Mini) test chart
ColorChecker Proof card

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