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The Yongnuo Speedlite YN600EX-RT Mark II is a powerful on-camera flash that provides feature parity and full compatibility with the Canon Wireless Flash System (both radio and optical). At less than 1/3 of the cost of the Canon 600EX-RT, the YN600EX-RT offers identical power output and the same control features. It can operate in fully automated ETTL mode as well as Manual and Multi modes. When operated in ETTL mode, it supports all extra functions such as 1st/2nd curtain sync, FEC, FEB, FEL and HSS up to 1/8000s.

The YN600EX-RT Mark II can be controlled via Canon 600EX-RT master flash, Canon ST-E3-RT controller or Yongnuo's very own YN-E3-RT controller. The YN600EX-RT can also operate as a master flash and control other YN600EX-RT or Canon 600EX-RT flashes via radio or optical. It supports 5 flash groups with 3 flash units per group.

When used on-camera, the YN600EX-RT Mark II provides powerful output (GN 60) and benefits from a long-reaching zoom head (20-200mm , 1.5× crop equivalent). The YN600EX-RT Mk II has an extremely fast charge regeneration time (<3 seconds with fresh batteries) but can be connected to an external HV battery pack (sold separately) for even faster reloading and longer autonomous operation. Near the HV port there is a standard thread socket that allows solid mounting of the YN600EX-RT Mark II wherever necessary.

A substantial extra feature of the YN600EX-RT Mark II over the Canon 600EX-RT is the presence of a mini-USB port for firmware updates that are intended to future-proof the speedlite against incompatibilities with newer cameras and remote controllers that may appear in the future.

The YN600EX-RT Mark II flashes supplied by BVI Photo Video at present ship with firmware version 1.2.0.

Good to know:

The YN600EX-RT Mark II is intended to be integrated with Canon's wireless radio system and can be controlled remotely only by the ST-E3-RT/YN-E3-RT commander or another 600EX-RT speedlite. Should you wish to control the YN600EX-RT via Yongnuo's own radio remote system (YN622) you need to equip the YN600EX-RT with a YN622C or a YN-E3-RX receiver.

If you are not using the Canon 600EX series flashes and controllers, you should check out the Yongnuo YN685EX which has identical power output and features as the YN600EX-RT but is slightly less expensive and has a built-in receiver compatible with YN622 and RF602/603/605/YN560TX radio triggers & controllers.

Specs Lighting
Control ETTL+HSS, 1÷1/128 (±1/3 EV) + Canon Wireless Flash System
Guide Number 60 (meters, ISO 100/200 mm)
Pulse Length 1/200s до 1/20000s
Dimensions 62 × 214 × 78 mm
Weight 430 g (without batteries)
Movement (vertical) 90° to -7°
Head Movement (Horizontal) ±180°
Warranty 24 months

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