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Cokin Diffusion Kit 24x30cm (PGK12200B) is a set of 12 sheets of diffuse filters compatible with photographic and video lights.


The Cokin Diffusion Kit 24x30 set contains the following types of gel filters:


216 Full White Diffusion

Softens the light from the source


250 Half White Diffusion

1/2 strength of 216.


251 Quarter White Diffusion

1/4 strength of 216


252 Eight White Diffusion

1/8 strength of 216


220 White Frost

Matte filter for softening shadows.


129 Heavy Frost

Thick matte filter that eliminates most shadows.


255 Hollywood Frost

Softens the contours of lighted objects.


256 Half Light Frost

Half-strength of 255


410 Opal Full Frost

Softens the edges of the light spot coming from a pinpoint source.


420 Opal Half Frost

Eliminates green tint from fluorescent lights.
Approximately similar to cam filter СС15 Magenta


217 Blue Diffusion

Combined White Diffusion (216) + 1/8 CT Blue (218)


      221 Blue Frost

Combined White Frost (220) + 1/8 CT Blue (218)


The Cokin Diffusion Kit ships in a sturdy PVC pocket for safe storage and transportation.

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