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Rosco Strobist Collection is a very popular and extremely convenient set of gel filters that have been pre-cut in size to go with a OCF speedlite (83 × 33 mm). The filters in this set were chosen by Rosco with the help of famous photographer David Hobby (the author of the extremely popular blog dedicated to OCF photography – The Stobist).


The Rosco Strobist Collection includes a total of 55 filters — 5 each of the most popular kinds and 1 or 2 of the less frequently used gels. You should not need to overstock these: one set will suffice to equip most or all of your speedlights or replace gels that have worn off due to frequent use.


Each filter has a cardboard back that lists the model as well as a short description of the effect it performs, plus a 0-100% transmission chart in the 360-740 nm spectrum.


The complete list of filter types in the Rosco Strobist Collection set is listed below. The diagram icon next to each filter model is clickable and loads a complete page of photometric information by Rosco.





Cinegel #3202 Full Blue CTB 5     Roscolux #08 Pale Gold 5



Cinegel #3204 Half Blue CTB 5
  Roscolux #12 Straw 1



Cinegel #3208 1/4 Blue CTB 5
  Roscolux #23 Orange 1



Cinegel #3401 Sun 85 5
  Roscolux #26 Light Red 1



Cinegel #3408 Sun 1/2 CTO 5
  Roscolux #33 No Color Pink 1



Cinegel #3409 Sun 1/4 CTO 5     Roscolux #39 Exotic Sangria 1



Cinegel #3404 N.9 2  
n/a Roscolux #358 Rose Indigo 1



Cinegel #3403 N.6 2     Roscolux #80 Primary Blue 1



Cinegel #3415 N.15 2     Roscolux #375 Cerulean Blue 1



Cinegel #3304 Tough plusgreen 5     n/a Roscolux #90 Dark Yellow Green 1


The Rosco Strobist Collection set ships in a convenient plastic box for safe storage.

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